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Spyder Sports Car, Introducing the Fastest Porsche Hybrid Ever

Spyder Sports Car – Now Porsche has officially introduced the technically derived Porsche 918 Spyder 2015 from the Porsche RS Spyder Le Mans prototype racer and is a stylish evolution of the GT1 and Carrera GT. A hybrid 887 horse with a 608 hp V8, 155 hp hybrid module and 127 hp electric motor, to be exact. As I’m sure you know, this is not a hybrid supercar or hypercar […]

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The New Genesis Sports Car as the Most Luxurious Brand

Genesis Sports Car – When the Hyundai Genesis luxury brand revoked the final foundation for this year, it did so with two models: the all new G90 and the pre existing G80. Before Genesis the brand, there are Hyundai Genesis models, which are stripped of Hyundai’s notation and renamed to the G80. The badge was less or more the rate of change during the transition the 2016 Genesis sedan’s transision […]

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Classic New Dodge Sports Car, the Triumph TR4

New Dodge Sports Car – Launched at the 1961 Motor Show in London, the two-seater Triumph TR4 UK roadster meets all the design challenges of the 1960s with the impressively designed body of Michelotti that lasted fifteen years until the decline of the TR6 was stopped in 1976. Two years earlier Triumph had launched a classic Herald salon designed by Italian Giovanni Michelotti to produce a great sales success that […]

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BMW Sports Car Price to Consider for a Better Ride

BMW Sports Car Price – The car is a one-time investment for most people because it is a big investment and as you know that the price plays a very important role when choosing a car. However, most people have a budget limit to enjoy a new car. However, to enjoy such as sport car you can buy the used of sports car. Talking about the price, manufacturers often change […]

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Three Wheeled Sports Car for Artistically Reasons as Consideration

Three Wheeled Sports Car – The three is an odd number for both artistically adna mathematically. With 4 wells you have a stable platform. With two wheels you have a treadmill platform that can lead to a corner strike. With three wheeled you have neither. However, it has not stopped small factories and home builders to create a variety of three whelled oddities. The best trikes out there is Volkswagen […]

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2017 Lincoln Sports Car with Style also Safety

Lincoln Sports Car – Life is full of unexpected moments. No matter what you may face – from city traffic to driving in the countryside and all the points in between. Lincoln MKZ is designed to handle. So, it brings you and the rest of the passengers safely and style when you create your moment at Lincoln MKZ. The Lincoln MKZ in 2017 is a true car driver for. To […]